Who we are

Our Mission

CLR is dedicated to preserving endangered languages, restoring stability to these languages and protecting them for future generations. CLR raises funds, increases public awareness, creates language tools and provides support to Indigenous communities facing language death.


Since 2005:

  • We have published more than 20 Indigenous textbooks on the CLR sequence curriculum.
  • We have created 13 mobile applications, including vocabulary builders, keyboards and dictionaries.
  • We have trained over 400 teachers in second language teaching best practices at CLR's summer institutes.
  • We have won awards for linguistic preservation/revitalization and for excellence in independent publishing.


  • To increase public awareness of Indigenous languages, CLR provides consultation for films, including Woman Walks Ahead (2017), and HBO's Lewis & Clark (2018) to ensure that filmmakers use Indigenous languages accurately.
  • We have screened our documentary Hóthaninpi: Rising Voices at events around the world.
  • We have organized international information events, forums and awareness campaigns.